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Any reliable seed banks in West Michigan and surrounding areas?

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So these finally came in the mail today. Only cow am I happy!!!

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seeds supreme delivery to US?

hi! i just placed my first order with seeds supreme to the US, has anyone had experiences with them?
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Trying to buy seeds but not credit card payment

I went to the Seedbank listings and I've tried 5 websites including herbies and Attitude. However they're not using credit card as payments. Anyone else having an issue? Or maybe I've been clicking wrong links that don't use credit cards.
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Since Herbies has been stopped from shipping seeds to US for now, where do people recommend buying them from?

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Attitude Seedbank 4/20 sale???

Did not see anything posted yet.... I was not sure if any of you have seen/heard of any big sales!!
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Any tips or tricks for the upcoming Attitude seeds sale?

What's up microgrowery? I am a new grower, on 39F of my first grow, so far so good. I also have some bag seeds and some clones vegging, but I want some new strains, good seeds. I'm interested in making my first seed order, nothing big, but some new strains to introduce to my friends and family.
Attitude is having a sale in a couple of days. What can I expect from the sale? Does anyone have any tips for getting the best value for my money?
Here are some other Attitude questions-
as of right now, how can I pay? I have a paypal business card, but I don't think they take that? Do I have to figure out the bitcoin thing?
If I live in MA, how long can I expect shipping to take?
Should I avoid Attitude and go with another site like Herbies or Nirvana? I would like to just use my paypal to pay. If not, I can get a gift card if they allow them. I don't want to use my family credit card, and I don't want to send cash.
Can anyone recommend me some easy to grow strains that I can gift to my friends (flower and clones) and blow their minds?
Does anyone have a promo code to share?
Part of me wants to go with a bunch of single seeds, and clone them. Another part of me wants to get 2 or 3 different strains of "5 seed packs", feminized. This will allow me to pheno hunt, and avoid the disappointment of a seed not popping, or me killing a seedling. Pros and cons of single seed orders vs multi seed packs?
Thank you for all the posts and information. I am having a blast!
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Where do you buy your seeds from?

I'm in a non legal state in the US. Where is the best site to order seeds from? What is the "safe" way to order them? Can I just use my normal address and credit card?
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4/20 Sales Thread

I thought it would be a good idea to have one thread about all the sales during the 4/20 sales.
We still have 5 days so I thought I'd post now and see how does everyone think this should be handled.
I propose we can keep this top post for a general list of websites which are doing 4/20 growing sales, and divide them according their delivery restrictions.
And comments section, people could post specific items if they think it is worthy of it's own spotlight.
Formatting and such will be done later.

Herbies - only during April 20th, 15% off
Attitude Seedbank - runs until April 20th 4PM (UK time)
BitcoinSeedStore - only during April 20th, 20% off
Nature's Green Remedies - only during April 20th, 20% off
THCBay - all of April
Smoking Paraphernalia - April 8-29, 30% off
Alibongo - only during April 20th, free delivery
Growing Equipment
MarsHydro - tent+LED light combo
ViperLED - 10% off, wait for the pop up
AdvancedLEDLights - 5% off - a bunch of discounts and free deliveries

HerbGrow's thread
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Start here!

New to growing marijuana? Start here:
H511 Act Summary - Learn about the law and follow it. is a great place to start learning how to grow. It's a wonderful resource with everything from the basics of getting starting to diagnosing complex issues.
Of course, you'll need seeds if you can't find clones to start with. Herbie's Headshop has so many strains available with detailed information on each product page. visit: . They accept cash through the mail or bitcoin.
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The Attitude Seedbank just stole my bitcoins, RIPOFF ALERT. They are very unprofessional to boot.

I ordered seeds from the Attitude Seedbank like normal, they had a good promotion going on, I had to jump on the deal. I ordered 2 5-packs from HSO and got a load of freebies. Things progressed like normal for a seed order, and I payed with bitcoin immediately. The whole transaction was complete within 3 minutes.
The Attitude Order states that I placed the order at 8:36AM, while the bitcoin payment receipt states that it went through at 8:25AM.
So, Attitudes internal clock is messed up and they are claiming that my payment did not take place in the 15 minute window that they allow for bitcoins.
They had no problem taking my bitcoins and money, they just have a problem honoring my order.
The other thing is they are very unprofessional about the entire ordeal. This is the reply I was given: "Hi there "I am afraid that you have paid after timeout. You would need to 4request a refund in order to make the payment again."
After receiving this response, I told them the information about times and the send me another typo laden email in return: "I am afraid that you have to make sure that you fit in those 15 minutes to transfer aal the funds over"
I'm posting here so that everyone can be aware. I have ordered from Attitude before, and I have used bitcoin to pay before. No issues ever. The thing is, if you have an issue, they are not professional in the way they handle the transaction. Stick to Herbies, they have excellent customer service that I can attest to. I just wanted to share my latest experience, and i hope other people have not had to deal with these incompetent stoners.
edit I may get flack over the props to herbies. I just was typing and they were the first thing that came to mind, but Mid week song actually has the best customer service, they are active on several forums on the internet and they are nice. Herbies is just like attitudes main UK competition, so thats why I mentioned them in the first post, and I don't have a negative thing to say about them except the "afghani regs" free seeds aren't awesome.
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Need some help with buying

Hey guys I'm pretty new to this but with everything I do I usually spend an inordinate amount of time researching and covering my ass cause I'm pretty careful. So I'm ready to buy and have looked at a few seed banks like attitude and Herbie's. Now I'm just trying to figure out how I plan on paying. Who here has experience with buying with cash, cc, bitcoin from either of these seed banks and how safe is this? I want the safest route to ensure my money isn't lost, I don't want a paper trail and I need it discrete and would prefer if nothing showed up in my bank statements as I share a joint account. I'm worried cash may take too long/won't even make it, credit card is like a last resort, and bitcoin seems complicated and I don't know how safe/anonymous it is. Any thoughts/experiences?
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The LIST: Metro Happenings Thursday March 01 - Sunday March 04, 2018

Thursday March 01, 2018

Friday, March 02 2018

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Sunday, March 04, 2018

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Herbies delivery - YouTube

Seeds Spend £40 using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Z-Cash, Ripple, Monero, Ethereum or Verge and receive 6 free feminized seeds! Music by The Passion Hifi https://www ... Herbies Seeds are "OFFICIAL STOCKISTS" of the world's leading Cannabis / Marijuana seed strains. With over 25 years' experience we have built an unrivalled reputation for customer service and ... What cryptography *magic* makes mnemonic seed words work? How is randomness generated? Can seed words be imported into more than one wallet? More on wallets ... The Crypto Dad shows you how to recover a Bitcoin wallet using a Seed. Important software used is: website: https://www.blockch...