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BAT Community Weekly Update: 12/08/17 to 12/14/17 — DuckDuckGo takes next step in partnership with Brave/BAT, Ubuntu Linux and promote Brave & BAT, YouTube creator spotlight: Philip deFranco (verified publisher with 6M subs)!

Welcome to this week's update! Big news on partnership with DuckDuckGo, as well as BAT and Brave getting promoted by Ubuntu Linux and Adoption is growing—lots of exciting stuff! Take a look :). Thanks to MurphD for his role in helping put these together!
Upcoming AMA Event with Brendan Eich: Wednesday Dec. 20th, 2017 @ 10-11AM Pacific
Brendan is going to be doing an AMA in on Wed 12.20.17 from 10am-11am PT
Brave and DuckDuckGo Partner to Improve Privacy on the Web
Brave and DuckDuckGo announced an extension of their partnership Thursday to radically improve Internet privacy. Standard browsing and search compromises user data. To combat this, Brave has integrated DuckDuckGo search within the Brave browser’s private tabs, providing users with a simple way to enhance privacy protection when searching on the web.
See official blog post:
See official Tweet from DDG:
Rocket.Chat comes out in support of Brave & Basic Attention Token (BAT): Utilize BAT directly in the BAT Community by using in Brave
Rocket.Chat is proud to be an officially Brave-verified. Now you can support Rocket.Chat by using the Brave browser.
Through the use of a crypto token named BasicAttentionToken (BAT), you can reward the websites and information providers you visit most frequently, including YouTubers. Rocket.Chat is an official Brave verified publisher and can receive BAT when you visit our servers using the Brave browser and if you choose to support us.
Official blog post:
Ubuntu Linux promotes Brave on Facebook to 1.3 million followers
Browse faster and safer with Brave, now available for Linux as a snap! 🦁 The new Brave browser automatically blocks ads and trackers, making it faster and safer than your current browser. snap install brave.
Featured YouTube Creator of the Week:
Phil deFranco, a household name on YouTube with 6 million subscribers, has signed up as a verified publisher. Phil has brought a great deal of attention to the ongoing YouTube adpocalypse and demonetization crisis.
A video by deFranco on demonetization:
Beautiful BAT Merch by Viking Karwur of BAT Indonesia
Take a look at these awesome patches and merch!

Client Updates:

Brave releases Android client v1.0.38
Upgraded to Chromium 63.0.3239.83 (#478) Keep videos playing after switching tab, minimizing Brave, switching off display (#160) String corrections (#463, #465, #476, #458) Icon fix (#455) Changes for URL bar suggestions (#445) Fixed User Agent for DuckDuckGo

BAT/Brave in the News:

Alphr: DuckDuckGo: The privacy-conscious search engine taking the fight to Google by NOT tracking you
Meet the Man Who Believes the Google-Facebook Duopoly Is Ripe for Disruption
Google and Facebook Too Can Be Disrupted

News You Should Know:

Ubuntu recommended Brave to its 274k followers on Twitter!
Browse faster and safer with @brave, now available for Linux as a snap! :lion_face: The new Brave browser automatically blocks ads and trackers, making it faster and safer than your current browser. snap install brave
‘Data arbitrage is as big a problem as media arbitrage’: Confessions of a media exec
On Crypto Advocate: Basic Attention Token (BAT): A New Digital Advertising Model
Are you aware? Comcast is injecting 400+ lines of JavaScript into web pages
Huobi Pro launches Basic Attention Token (BAT) on December 11
On CoinCentral: What is BAT?
Patreon changed their mind on rolling out their fee changes

Brave Team Tweets:

Mark your calendars for an Ask Me Anything with @BrendanEich on Dec. 20th at 10am PT! Join to participate.
Did you know?
BasicAttentionToken You can "pin" a favorite site and decide which % it gets, regardless of how much time you spend on that site.
Is BAT a Scam? Luke responds on Twitter:
Luke Mulks: Not a scam. We work hard to make it easy for users to support creators by activating the platform. 100% opt-in. Anonymous payments with privacy protection as a core company value.
May be worth looking into PayPal's early days. They gave free money to users to onboard. It worked
The creator of JavaScript is our CEO and co-founder. Our team is 100% legit & from the top of their respective fields. We actually really care about what we're doing here. Aim to prove monetization can exist without consumer surveillance and profiling.
More BAT grants coming soon!
Brave Software: We will have more BAT grants soon, thanks for using Brave!
Luke [email protected] Worth noting that 3rd party "promises" to comply with DNT are slippery at best. 3P often disregard or workaround. Lacks enforcement w/any teeth. 3P actively lobbying against privacy protection. Brave blocks 3rd party tracking, allows for DNT as well, w/o false sense of security
Will BAT and Twitch work together? Brendan replies:
BrendanEich @Brave + @attentiontoken today enable "Patreon in the browser", pinned anonymous contributions as a percentage of your monthly budget, no censorship, fixed low fee on 30-day aggregate single txn. We <3 small donors. We'll work on standardizing over time.
BrendanEich We granted to users the first chunk (300,000) of $BAT recently, will do it again. Thanks to @upholdinc, creators get paid in fiat in regions they cover. Users fund via crypto at present; working on cc/debitcard methods. Domain/YouTube verification is blind proof-checking process.
How many people use Brave on Android?
Luke Mulks: Well over 1.5M, on Android alone. :-)
  1. We are engineering a new model, privacy first, quality over quantity.
  2. Ads separate from page content, dedicated progressive UX.
  3. Users remain anonymous, receive rev share for ads viewed.
What are the differences between ad-tech browsers and browsers owned by ad companies?
BrendanEich: Note big diffs vs ad-tech & browsers owned by ad companies: 1/ we put users first in revenue and control of data, by opt-in and revshare & settings; 2/ we pay 70% to ad slot owner, way better than today's prorgrammatic adtech.
BrendanEich: Last thing: with Uphold (we'll find more such partners but they are outstanding), user will be able to take their 70% rev-share to fiat in many regions. This requires Uphold's bank-level AML/KYC, to avoid fraud at scale. It relieves users from having to go to crypto exchanges. + 1:21 PM - Dec 13, 2017

Roaring Fans on Twitter:

  • Fan art from one of our Verified Publishers.
  • MattHill My new video on the @brave Browser and @AttentionToken explaining how these 2 products work hand in hand! … I would love any comments and advice about my video, and hopefully if you didn't know about these before i taught you something new! #Crypto#youtube 4:38 PM - Dec 10, 2017
  • boxmining Got my Free #BasicAttentionToken and got my account verified. Thanks @AttentionToken
  • Jery Thank you @brave @AttentionToken for some crypto to help pay some great people on YouTube like @[email protected] @FunhausTeam If this thing continues and advances further it could help fix/curate ads, as currently the normal way is atrocious.
  • Adam Kerpelman Switching to @brave browser will really make you realize how much tracking is going on. @THR is the worst so far 30-40 scripts blocked per page load. Bananas.
  • Cryptographer @brave isn't just reinventing advertising with @AttentionToken. Its mission aims to eliminate that fear you feel when installing an app, that perhaps your personal data/life maybe spied upon. Priceless. And to that I raise my hat. $BAT $ETH $BTC #Bitcoin
  • Georg Lackner Thx for the free BAT @brave @AttentionToken using brave now as standart browser #CoolStuff
  • Yannis Now i'm totally using @brave browser, it's gonna change the future of the internet! Bye @googlechrome it was nice to meet you.
  • Ryan I get it. And love the Brave Browser. I use it on desktop and mobile. Works great
  • Eric 'EzMrcz' Marcuz This is a web browser called @brave that provides an awesome browsing experience.
  • Even cooler? Crypto Content Creator Support (3CS coin it!) built in for things like YT channels allowing me to spend @AttentionToken to directly support channels/content I like! #Altcoins #Crypto
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Introduction and Test of Lightning Network Function Based on Qtum

Introduction and Test of Lightning Network Function Based on Qtum
The scalability of block chain is the key to realize massive transaction. The Current Bitcoin network can achieve a maximum of 7 processing power per second, the Qtum network can now achieve Bitcoin 10 with the processing power,But forMassive transactions are not enough (e-commerce applications, for example, in recent years Alibaba dual 11 shopping festival, Alipay network Peak transactions over 100000 transactions per second (TPS), Visa on the 2013 holiday period, the implementation of 47000 transactions per second (TPS)).In order to solveThe processing and storage problems brought about by this massive transaction, Joseph Poon presents a lightning network (lightning Network) solution, Lightning Networkis a centralized system, no need to trust each other and a third party can achieve real-time, massive network of transactions. The basic idea is that the trading parties in the chain through the trading script to create payment channels, after the two sides real-time, massive payment transactions in the chain completed, through the link to a number of channels can achieve any two points between the fund transactions, the completion of value transfer, without the trust of the third party for funds and settlement These transfers can be carried out along the routing path between untrusted parties through a contract.
C-lightning is a reference implementation of the Lightning network on the Bitcoin block chain, and can now support the payment channel creation, receiving and payment functions of the Lightning network. Qtum on the basis of c-lightning made a corresponding modification to form a qtum-lightning, so that under qtum can also achieve such as channel creation, real-time transactions, small transactions and other functions. The following tests are performed on these lightning network functions through the Qtum backbone Network (mainnet).
1. Test environment
Two sets of Ubuntu 16.04 of computers, installed with Qtum core and qtum-lightning. Qtum-core is used to connect the qtum backbone network, qtum-lightning the node to achieve the Lightning network function.
2. Lightning Network Test
This test, through a node and B-node to establish a payment channel to achieve real-time, small payment function, the main process includes: Capital preparation, connection establishment, channel establishment, payment transactions. The test realized the funds to deposit 0.1QTUM to the channel and paid 0.00000001 qtum from Node B to Node A.
2.1 Get information for two nodes First get information about the node for subsequent operations:
Node A:
{ "id" : "0298b904689755a051441f1a8828e5d3aa46633cac21bc6bd8ce75328508e71ec0", "port" : 9735, "network" : "Qtum", "version" : "a787b86", "blockheight" : 28906 }
Node B:
{ "id" : "03977a1862418d6989453f8f1fc793120830463b1beda1e951e39e947ec09f2208", "port" : 9735, "network" : "qtum", "version" : "a787b86", "blockheight" : 28927 }
2.2 Create a payment channel
The channel of Lightning Network is to realize the start of the chain trading, after the channel is established, it can realize the transaction under the chain, no need to broadcast to the chain. The creation process is to store the money that is used to establish the channel in the wallet address that is managed by the node, and to join the pool of funds, after which you can create a lightning network channel using a portion of the fund pool amount.
Prepare a sum of money:
First send the funds to node B node with address: cli/lightning-cli newaddr # to get a new address return: MUNPTmB7U8phjeibPDooKzVfsa2CQGPuME qtum-cli sendtoaddress MUNPTmB7U8phjeibPDooKzVfsa2CQGPuME 0.3 # deposit 0.3 QTUM funds
Get transaction records:
Qtum-cli getrawtransaction 6c73d136bacd91d59025fe5da1645864beaad69a8a6436d70b7dbfe02bbfecdd
Returns: 0200000001181bd1846baf6264b970086f3da5aa8d35c7604fcc601904d7c64cdc5417048a010000006b483045022100cdd4461077c76c90c879e97 414c6ae 8d1612209f145 12cc 9a18859 EF 229a67c902204 14cf 6149b8766 e80daf 5879948095850c84755c6 A 47c8f2d91 E 1e13250f117401210359a8 6e828760164102000000001976a9140 de97fc 8e6c79f362f324f6 b8adbeeedddf103bf88acef700000832d8b5d3118b7017b48a38b17237e4d1939e5cc7804eafceae6221f7a4efeffffff0280c3c9010000000017a914e088ca565bde2b4c6698d78a2ec647a53b02
Add to fund pool:
cli / lightning-cli addfunds 0200000001181bd1846baf6264b970086f3da5aa8d35c7604fcc601904d7c64cdc5417048a010000006b483045022100cdd4461077c76c90c879e97414c6ae8d1612209f14512cc9a18859ef229a67c90220414cf6149b8766e80daf5879948095850c84755c6a47c8f2d91e1e13250f117401210359a8832d8b5d3118b7017b48a38b17237e4d1939e5cc7804eafceae6221f7a4efeffffff0280c3c9010000000017a914e088ca565bde2b4c6698d78a2ec647a53b026e828760164102000000001976a9140de97fc8e6c79f362f324f6b8adbeeedddf103bf88acef700000
{ "outputs" : 1, "satoshis" : 30000000 }
Create Lightning Network Channel
First connect to node A through node B:
Cli/lightning-cli connect 9735 "0298b904689755a051441f1a8828e5d3aa46633cac21bc6bd8ce75328508e71ec0"
{ "id" : "0298b904689755a051441f1a8828e5d3aa46633cac21bc6bd8ce75328508e71ec0" }
Node B deposits 0.1QTUM funds into the channel:
Cli/lightning-cli fundchannel "0298b904689755a051441f1a8828e5d3aa46633cac21bc6bd8ce75328508e71ec0" The actual value of 10000000 funds needs to be divided by 100000000 is based on QTUM pricing.
2.3 Making payments in the lightning network channel The payment process in the lightning network channel is initiated by the receiving side. The receiving party A first generates a receipt of its own receipt, and then the sending party B can obtain a value from B to the amount of the paid payment. A's payment routing, according to the routing information, can send itself to the A node.
Produce QTUM receipt document at node A: cli/lightning-cli invoice 1 a # Receive 0.00000001 QTUM Return:
{ "rhash" : "3b8d42fb10dd451f42babcc962c17c12b9163dd2b03a1f12f968789bb80c1cf2" }
At the Node B, the route to the A node to send funds is:
Cli/lightning-cli getroute 0298b904689755a051441f1a8828e5d3aa46633cac21bc6bd8ce75328508e71ec0 1 1 Back:
"route" :
{ "id" : "0298b904689755a051441f1a8828e5d3aa46633cac21bc6bd8ce75328508e71ec0", "channel" : "28926:2:0", "msatoshi" : 1, "delay" : 36 }
Send an amount of 0.00000001 QTUM to node A from node B:
Cli/lightning-cli sendpay '[ { "id" : "0298b904689755a051441f1a8828e5d3aa46633cac21bc6bd8ce75328508e71ec0", "channel" : "28926:2:0", "msatoshi" : 1, "delay" : 36 } ]' 3b8d42fb10dd451f42babcc962c17c12b9163dd2b03a1f12f968789bb80c1cF2
3 Check the result after payment
In the lightning network channel, payments can be settled immediately. After node B sends a sendpay to A, the new allocation result of the channel's funds is generated in real time. You can check the distribution of channel funds by viewing the information of nodes A and B.
A node
Cli/lightning-cli getpeers
{ "peers" :
{ "unique_id" : 9, "state" : "CHANNELD_AWAITING_LOCKIN", "netaddr" : "::ffff:", "peerid" : "03977a1862418d6989453f8f1fc793120830463b1beda1e951e39e947ec09f2208" , "connected" : true , "owner" : " Lightning_channe ld" , "msatoshi_to_us" : 1 , "msatoshi_total" : 10000000000 } ] }
It can be seen that the A node received 0.00000001 QTUM, the total amount of the channel is unchanged, there is no formalities.
Node B
Cli/lightning-cli getpeers
"peers" :
{ "unique_id" : 10, "state" : "CHANNELD_NORMAL", "netaddr" : "", "peerid" : "0298b904689755a051441f1a8828e5d3aa46633cac21bc6bd8ce75328508e71ec0", "connected" : true, "owner" : "lightning_channeld", " chanNel" : "28926:2:0" , "msatoshi_to_us" : 9999999999 , "msatoshi_total" : 10000000000 } ] }
After Node B stores 0.1QTUM and sends 0.00000001QTUM before sending it, it still has 0.09999999QTUM remaining. At the same time, the total amount of the channel seen does not change.
Through the above tests, it can be seen that the Qtum-based lightning network can basically realize real-time transactions and settlements under the chain. Only transactions involving two parties can be used without paying commissions, making it possible to make payments such as small payments. Theoretically, by setting up a large number of lightning network channels under the Qtum chain and placing transactions under the chain, real-time, massive transactions can be realized.
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How to install ubuntu on win10 virtual machine Setting up cold storage in Armory on Ubuntu 14.04 4. Installing Bitcoin Core on Linux How to Install Bitcoin Core Wallet on Ubuntu 16 How to Bitcoin Miner with Ubuntu VPS - Setup Nicehash Miner via Ubuntu VPS

bitcoin. P2P Digital Currency. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is completely decentralized, without the need for a central server or trusted parties. Users hold the crypto keys to their own money and transact directly with each other, with the help of a P2P network to check for double-spending. tar xzf bitcoin-0.11.2-linux32.tar.gz. and extracts and makes a folder in the default Firefox download directory. I then do command. sudo install -m 0755 -o root -g root -t /usr/local/bin bitcoin-0.11.2/bin/* and it says something like file or directory doesn't exist. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. The original Bitcoin software by Satoshi Nakamoto was released under the MIT license. Most client software, derived or “from scratch”, also use open source licensing. In the above script, replace bitcoin-cli with ./bitcoind. <= v0.7 mkdir ~/.bitcoin Add a file ~/.bitcoin/DB_CONFIG as per these instructions: set_lg_dir database set_lk_max_locks 537000 Start Bitcoin client. I set -dbcache=8000 (8 GB). v0.15. I'm using assumevalid=0 to force it to validate all signatures. I'm more interested in comparing ... Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.x+. Go to the Bitcoin Core download page and verify you have made a secure connection to the server. Click the large blue Download Bitcoin Core button to download the Bitcoin Core installer to your Downloads folder. Optional: Verify the release signatures

[index] [19742] [20698] [15094] [19626] [23348] [8443] [20825] [16059] [21401] [9491]

How to install ubuntu on win10 virtual machine

There are many different Bitcoin wallets for Linux, but one of the best wallets available to use is Bitcoin Core. One of the main reasons to go with it is that it’s from Bitcoin officially, so ... sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install bitcoin-qt bitcoind Linux terminal new stuff: clear, ll, cd, touch, echo, cat, shutdown Bitcoin JSON-RPC tutorial. How to set up bitcoind on a VPS. BTC: 1NPrfWgJfkANmd1jt88A141PjhiarT8d9U. On this video i will show you how to install ubuntu on a virtual machine running on Windows 10. You don’t need the specs on the video, you can run ubuntu with 2Gb Ram and 64mb grafics minar bitcoin con nicehash en ubuntu aki os dejo los comandos: sudo apt-get install cmake build-essential libboost-all-dev git clone -b Linux https://github....